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HiS 24/7 youth ministry.

As an extension of Christian Life Ministries, HiS 24/7 youth strive to service, help, and reach the community through various outreach ministries.

HiS 24/7 are very welcome, caring, friendly, and strive to live a life that represents the love of Jesus. This group thinks beyond themselves and displays what it means to “show you care.”

Our youth give of themselves and try to be a light that shines in the darkness.

They have supported and assisted those who are sick, disabled, in need of resources, lost a loved one, or just in need of encouragement.


Our youth are also involved in fundraising to raise money for various causes and organizations such as: ALS, Home and Foreign Missions, Sheaves for Christ, Save Our Children, ministered in the local parades, and more.

No worries, we are not all work and no play!!  Our youth have enjoyed various planned youth rallies, large conferences, sledding, Six Flaggs, and more.


For upcoming HiS 24/7 events visit the events page.